Home Care - Why it is important?

Updated: Aug 23, 2021

We are all under the impression, that a monthly facial is all we need to achieve that beautiful glowing skin forever. Well, that is so far from the truth.

I cant even begin to let you know how many times I have been asked to get rid of Dry skin, pigmentation, fine lines and / or wrinkles, acne, scars etc. I'm sure the expectation is for it to be treated in the one go. But, a single treatment may give you some instant satisfaction, it definitely is just the beginning.

Effective results is a result of persistence and consistency of Home Care - Why it is important?


Dont make your skin care a CHORE - Make it a HABIT (A GOOD ONE)

So, I should really be the last one to speak. I have had very little good habits related to my skincare routine in the past. I did not use sunscreen, was very careless with my night time routine and did not take care of my eyes till very late in life.

I used to be a flight attendant for the early part of my life and my face was constantly caked up with makeup and eyes were always made up. I would have very long days and a very short night stop. By the time we reached the hotel to stop, I just used to be so tired that there have been times I have just gone to bed without removing my makeup properly. I would have relaxing facials, in all parts of the world ( where ever I night stopped) but not really targeting any problem in my skin. I thought that a facial would fix everything, BUT ALAS, it doesn't. I invested in a lot of products that were good, but then got carried away when someone sold me something else and did not really give a product a chance to work.


I figured out then to be CONSISTANT with my skincare and not to overload my routine, but that is me. If you feel you can do it then that is great, for me though I do try to keep things simple and I also incorporate fresh products from my fridge and/or pantry at times.

My routine is pretty simple

AM - Cleanser - Day serum - Moisturizer - SPF

PM - Cleanser - Night serum (1 or 2) - Eye cream - Moisturizer.

Twice a week I use the clarisonic with my Cleanser or I may use some rice flour/almond flour/oats/chick peas and blend it. Mix yoghurt, honey, rosewater (either or all) and scrub my face.

If you think you are ready to take the step to healthy, beautiful, younger looking skin, I can help you figure out a plan JUST FOR YOU. Consultations are complimentary, so give us a call - we are always happy to hear from you . Book a facial and we can have a longer chat and I can advise you on how you can help your skin SHINE.

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