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What are we about?

Skindulgenz, a Skin Care Clinic based in Scottsdale, where, we pride ourselves in providing our patients, with some of the best treatments available in the industry. We believe, that our patients and their individual needs come first, and in an industry flooded with new products and procedures, we ensure that health and safety are never compromised. We therefore take a precautionary approach, always opting for safe and tested solutions. Our specialists will do their utmost to get to know their clients, and work with them towards finding the right treatment for every concern they might have. We do believe, that one treatment alone cannot fix the problem. A series of treatments, or maybe a package of different treatments combined, could provide you with a better outcome. We can create a package of treatments , catered specifically for you, or, please check out our Monthly specials, which are available, at great prices. If you want to hear more about our Skin Care Clinic, and how we can better help you, contact us today.​

Refer & Help us Grow 

As a small business, your referral matters to us a great deal. We surely do appreciate, you choosing Skindulgenz as your skincare provider, and thank you for your continued love and support. We do offer special incentives (15% off  you and  your friend on your next service of $150 or more) for helping us grow our business. Call/Text for more information or speak to us when you are in for your next treatment.

Your Space to Unwind and Imagine and see results

A Beautiful and Peaceful space to be treated and relax your mind. It is your space, where your  skin will reflect your consistency   and deligence in providing it with great treatments, showing great results.


Products we use - Result Driven and Evidence based

All our products, Backbar and Retail are chosen with a lot of thought towards how best to help you achieve your goals.

You can order Epionce and Alastin online.

Sandra Evans

Owner / Skin care Therapist

My journey towards skincare has been a long road.  I have spent most of my early working life in the service industry.  I was in Aviation, as a Flight Attendant, traveling all around the world; and then a Database administrator at an International School in the Middle East. When my husband retired and we decided to move to the States, I decided I wanted to do more with my life and help make a difference.  I completed my Medical Esthetics course, along with International Certification in Beauty Therapy. The concept of Skindulgenz was aimed mainly towards Anti-aging, as I myself am in the same boat. There are so many treatments and procedures that overwhelm us, out in the market, some of them good, some not so good. Hence, I came up with the Age Gracefully - Naturally concept. We all age, and if we are just able to do so without trying to turn back the clock to such an extent that we lose ourselves and begin to look like someone we do not recognize, that would be crazy. I believe that we should be proud of our age and who we are, but we should also be able to slow down the aging process. Take care of our skin a bit more, like we do our body and our health.​

Healthy, beautiful skin requires a commitment and consistency of treatments and  Result-driven  skin care products. All of our treatments are performed using the best Equipment and products to help you achieve  great, professional results. At Skindulgenz, we also believe in new, innovative technology, treatments and products that help us improve our skin. Our individual treatments and treatment plans using great FDA approved, equipment like the Endymed Pro that tightens the skin with RF Technology (The RF Microneedling & RF Skin Tightening), Dermafrac Dermal Infusion, the MD Pen for Collagen induction are catered to help us AGE GRACEFULLY. We will do everything we possibly can to help you.

At Skindulgenz, we specialize in Customized Treatment plans and I will work with you and help you every step of the way! Book your free skin consultation and let us help you plan your next step towards Aging Gracefully - Naturally.

Can we help you? 


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