When two or more skin care technologies are combined to achieve a desired result!!!

Updated: Aug 23, 2021

Stop any person on the street and ask them what they don't like about their skin. You will not get just one issue: there will be a whole bunch of issues as we all are aware of how critical we can be about ourselves.

What skin concern are you trying to fix?

  • Even out skin tone?

  • Reduce and prevent fine lines and wrinkles?

  • Increase Volume and density?

  • Tighten skin?

  • Reduce pigmentation and sun spots?

  • Soften scars?

  • Regenerate formation of collagen?

  • Reduce fat?

  • Minimize stretch marks?

  • Combination of issues?

What combination treatments are good?

VI Peel with Microneedling VI Peel with Dermaplane

Neogen Plasma with RF Microneedling for skin tightening

The best way I can explain this is taking your skin to the gym and giving it a workout - doing different exercises to work on different issues.

These are some of the treatments combinations we offer at Skindulgenz

Depending on what your skincare concerns are we can come up with a treatment plan to suit your requirements. Some treatments are done at different times, some can be stacked (They can be done in the same treatment for greater efficacy, where we are working on the skin from the lower layers to the upper layers). This of course means greater results as we are treating various layers of the skin in the one treatment. This does mean that there will be an increase in the downtime and healing time. But it also means the results are more desirable.

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