Updated: Aug 23, 2021

One of the most frequently heard complaints about skin is the presence of scars. Scars can be caused by factors like acne, trauma, or surgical procedures. Patients who have scars, particularly on their faces, often seek skin treatments to remove or minimize their appearance. A growing number of patients are turning to scar reduction treatments that do not involve surgery. Although surgery can offer dramatic results, it can lead to complications and lengthy downtime. A technique called microneedling for scarring offers great results using a minimally-invasive method that has helped many scar sufferers. How does Microneedling help Scarring?

Microneedling for scarring is an innovative skin rejuvenation treatment that can help reduce the appearance of common skin problems like scars. It is also highly effective in patients who are dealing with wrinkles, hyperpigmentation, or other issues. Microneedling for scarring works by affecting the skin on a microscopic level. This prompts your body to replace the affected skin tissue with newer tissue that shows fewer signs of scars. Your body responds to the treatment by forming new collagen fibers to replace older collagen fibers. The cellular turnover caused by microneedling is almost like getting a replacement set of skin. Over time, your body removes the surface skin layer and replaces it with healthier, more youthful skin that displays fewer scars. What Else Does Microneedling Treat? In addition to being a very effective scar reduction treatment, microneedling can help you if you are dealing with other skin problems, like wrinkles, enlarged pores, or rough skin texture. Since each patient is different, the number of microneedling treatments they require depends upon their own unique skin condition, genetics, and overall health. Generally, most patients benefit from multiple microneedling treatments. To learn more about microneedling for scarring, make an appointment at Skindulgenz in Scottsdale. Contact our office today to book your consultation! #skindulgenz #RFmicroneedling #scarreduction #microneedling #stemcells #skintexture #eventone #smoothskin

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