Neogen Plasma Vs Plasma Pen

Updated: Aug 23, 2021

Plasma pen:

is not pure plasma. A plasma pen creates an electrostatic discharge or what is referred to as a corona discharge (arc burn). It essentially is creating an arc with the atmospheric nitrogen in the air to create an epidermal burn. The energy is very superficial at the epidermis and is created in tiny 1mm dots. There is oxygen in the area when the discharge is created, therefore creating the charring to the skin which can last for up to several weeks. There is a high risk for post inflammatory hyperpigmentation and hypo pigmentation because the energy is delivered at the surface. When energy/heat is applied to the surface it causes the melanocytes to react which is what causes PIH.

Neogen Nitrogen Plasma:

is gas derived plasma. Pure medical grade nitrogen gas is ionized which speeds up the molecules in its outer orbit and pure nitrogen plasma is created. As the gas is pulses through the handpiece to the nozzle it evacuates the oxygen in the area which is why the skin does not get charred like the plasma pen.

Neogen is non-ablative, leaves the skin completely intact. The skin acts as a natural wound dressing and then will shed based on the energy used (low, medium, or high).

Neogen plasma is not a laser. Unlike ablative CO2 & Erbium lasers, Neogen Plasma is not fractionated. Neogen addresses 100% of the total tissue architecture down to the reticular dermis on high energy settings. All of the tissue is treated.

Unlike lasers that only creates collagen 1, Neogen Plasma creates collagen 1, collagen 3 which is volumetric collagen, and elastin. Neogen Plasma continues to build collagen and elastin for up to 12 months and there is no equipment that can boast that.

Neogen plasma is FDA with 6 approved indications for treatment including: Rhytides, Acne scars, actinic and seborrheic keratosis, benign skin lesions, and viral papilloma. There are over 400 published clinical papers on this technology.

Neogen plasma affects all 3 areas of anti aging at once: skin tone, skin texture, and tightening. Studies have shown a 10%-12% linear contraction to tissue post Neogen plasma, surgery would be the only other option to get this type on tissue contraction.

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