NeoGen Plasma: A Safe Treatment for Darker Skin Types

Updated: Aug 23, 2021

Why this patient rates NeoGen Plasma a 5-Star Treatment

Case study by Dr. Nina Deep

Concerns: Uneven skin tone and increased laxity

Before undertaking the NeoGen Plasma treatment, this patient of Nina Deep Aesthetics in Ohio, had concerns of uneven skin tone and signs of skin laxity, particularly around the jowls, peri-oral and peri-orbital areas which began to show when she reached her late 20’s/early 30’s, particularly after having had children.

Turning Point

Having considered other treatment options to rectify these issues, such as topical skincare, microneedling and microdermabrasion, the patient discussed her concerns with Dr Nina Deep who recommended the NeoGen Plasma treatment.

At first, she was hesitant to try it as she did not want to risk having hyperpigmentation. However, the patient explains that the deciding factor for her to proceed with a NeoGen Plasma treatment came after seeing the impressive before and after results of other NeoGen patients. What was particularly notable for her was that no-one had experienced any hyperpigmentation, even those patients of higher Fitzpatrick skin types.

Understanding the lack of social downtime associated with the NeoGen Plasma treatment and its high safety profile for darker skin tones is what made this treatment distinctly attractive.

The Treatment

The patient found the treatment to be comfortable, with no aesthetic or specific preparation required. The treatment was delivered at 0.5 Joules, the lowest energy setting on the NeoGen Plasma device, and on a scale of 0-10 the patient scored the pain experienced during treatment a 1, where 0 was no pain at all.

Immediately post treatment the patient describes her skin as feeling warm but completely comfortable, and she felt that her pores were open and able to breathe. She notes that during the days following treatment she attended a wedding where no-one had even noticed that she had had a treatment.  She considers the social downtime to be minimal, and says that she actually describes it as having no downtime at all.

The Results

When asked how she felt about the treatment results she responded;

“I felt radiant, my face and under my eyes had filled in and became tighter. Around my mouth became tightened and the discolouration reduced, my skin tone became clearer and my pore size decreased.

We look at ourselves every day and we don’t notice the subtle results, but my mother and sisters noticed straight away and said I looked refreshed; they asked what I was doing.”

She felt that the results exceeded her expectations, and when asked how likely she was to recommend the NeoGen Plasma treatment, she responded;

“Highly likely! I think everyone should have it; men and women! I am excited to share this with other darker Fitzpatrick skin types because we are really hesitant to try things. There are not many treatment options for us and it is great to be included. I cannot wait for my mother to try it! This is the thing, this is the ticket!”

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