Neogen Nitrogen Plasma Skin Resurfacing

Updated: Aug 23, 2021

The Next Generation Evolution in skin resurfacing treatments.

Treat all the signs of ageing in one treatment with #neogenplasma

NeoGen Plasma is a skin resurfacing device which uses nitrogen plasma to deliver precise and rapid thermal energy to the skin. Varying energy levels allow for deep tissue penetration, treating the entire skin architecture without the risks of charring or vaporising the epidermis.

Increased fibroblast activity, deep collagen remodelling and continued neocollagenesis result in the simultaneous clinical benefits of improved skin tone, texture and laxity which continue to improve for up to 12 months post treatment.

No other medical aesthetic device can achieve so much in a single treatment.

Neogen Nitrogen Plasma, is not a pen. It is a true plasma treatment without the charing.

This is a 100% total tissue architecture. Non fractionated, non chromophore specific, non ablative. It is true plasma, that creates 3D collagen and not flat collagen, like other modalities. It rebuilds collagen 1 & 3 & elastin for up to 12 months post treatment.

At #skindulgenz2112 we aim to provide the best of treatments for your benefit. The #neogenplasma is a system that enhances #neocollegenesis and #neoelastogenesis.

Call us at Skindulgenz to find out more.

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