Benefits of HumanStem Cells with Microneedling!!

Updated: Aug 23, 2021

Stem Cells and its functions

The new BUZZ word in esthetics - Stem Cells. All around us we see stem cells in a lot of our skin care products, plant stem cells (apple, orange, edelweiss flower and so many more), and human stem cells (adipose, mesenchymal, embryonic and more..). Stem cell research has multiplied in the years and is being tried out for vast variety of treatments, especially cancer. Stem cells are also being used for creating organs and organ parts. Can you imagine if it can actually recreate new skin cells and help us with our quest for beautiful skin.

The purpose and uses of Stem Cells:

  • Slow down the aging process of the skin

  • Reduce fine lines,

  • Brighten, smooth skin, tighten pores, reduce oily skin

  • Improves acne scars and treatment of acne

  • Treatment of skin pigmentation

But the main purpose is to renew and regenerate the cells, and by doing so it helps replace the damaged cells and inadvertently, protect your skin from the damage caused by environmental factors, like sun, weather, and intrinsic factors, like health, genetics, sickness etc; that affects all of us. As we age our skin is affected by various factors, internal factors; the fact that we are aging, our cells are aging and can't perform with the gusto it used to as a cell in a young person. The main external factor that affects our skin is the sun; hard to believe isnt it.

At Skindulgenz, we provide couple of stem cell treatments (Mesenchymal and Amniotic) and a couple more topicals with Mesenchymal stem cells. There is a lot of information out on the web about benefits of each kind of stem cell and I encourage you to educate yourself. Its just amazing where science is moving in this field.
We offer the AntiAGEMD and Amniotic Stem cell with microneedling treatments. The AntiAGEMD is mesenchymal Stem Cells and the Amniotic is exactly that. Check out our Intrinsic Regenerative Treatment for more information on the Amniotic stem cells.
Apart from the AntiAGEMD products (The Serum and Accelerator DUO), Skindulgenz also carries the Neogenesis products which are Oncology approved and the Recovery contains about 70% of stem cells. Read more about the recovery here.

So, why Bone Marrow stem cells (Mesenchymal)?

The only stem cells in our body that actually travels around our blood via the bone marrow, investigating various parts of our body and organs to see what needs to be healed and repaired, and that is its major job. These cells can regenerate into any kind of cells the body needs. So, the way I think of it is that it is the only type of stem cell that has not been predetermined to a particular function. This cell travels to different areas when summoned, and then figures out what needs repairing and does it. " the only cell in the entire body that contains a naturally anti-inflammatory, regenerative, and healing secretome, is the bone marrow stem cell. "

The amniotic stem cell treatment is of the similar concept. These stem cells have no set purpose, their intelligence allows them to figure out what needs to be done and then just changes its purpose and fixes it. The Amniotic Stem cell is extremely potent in Growth factors and cytokines ; The only way I can explain it is that the cells are young and concentrated in the amniotic fluid and hence more powerful. They contain 120+ growth factors , cytokines, collagen scaffolds and wouldn't it be great if we can have baby like skin (firm and smooth and soft) with no lines and wrinkles and scars and sun spots.

Both of these products have a high Anti-inflamatory markers which makes the healing time after the microneedling treatments very dramatically quick.

Fact: We are born with an abundance of collagen and we stop producing the collagen mid to late 20's and henceforth as we age we keep losing 1%-2% of our collagen each year. Crazy but true.

Are you ready to try this much talked about treatment? Call us at Skindulgenz, we will be happy to help you out in deciding and planning your treatment. Call us for more information.

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